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Last Updated: 4:00 PM PST November 16, 2019

Color Key

  • Black = Tentative Stops
  • Green = Confirmed stop, ESTIMATED Date
  • Purple = Day Limited
  • Red = Firm Dates

Letters After Dates:

  • D = Delivery
  • P = Pickup
  • T = Van transfer

Van #2 Trip #1

Van #3 Trip #9 Van #4 Trip #7 Van #9 Trip #5    


James Vitaliy Joe    

Charleston, SC 1-26-19

San Francisco, CA 12-14-19p Seattle, WA 12-18-19p Palm Desert, CA 12-5-19ttttp    


Santa Cruz, CA 12-14-19p Boise, ID 12-19-19d Pleasanton, CA 12-6-19d    

Jersey City, NJ 1-30-19p

Los Angeles, CA 12-15-19 Ketchum, ID 12-19-19 San Francisco, CA 12-6-19p    

Palm Beach, FL 2-3-19d

Palm Desert, CA 12-16-19 ----- 12-20-19 Burlingame, CA 12-7-19p    
----- Scottsdale, AZ 12-17-19p ------ 12-21-19 ------ 12-7-19    

PBG, FL (late February)p

Sedona, AZ 12-17-19p Seattle, WA 12-22-19 Hunts Point, WA 12-8-19d    
Virginia Beach, VA 3-5-19d Albuquerque, NM 12-18-19d Portland, OR 12-22-19 ------ 12-9-19    

Ridgewood, NY 3-6/7-19p

Taos, NM 12-18-19p   Ketchum, ID 12-10-19dd    

East Hampton, NY (after 3-1-19)p

Larkspur, CO 12-19-19d   Bozeman, MT 12-11-19p    

Johnson City, TX (by 3-13-19)d

Kansas City, MO 12-20-19   Park City, UT 12-12-19    

PBG, FL (after 3-16-19)d

Dallas, TX 12-21-19   Minot, ND 12-13-19ddd    

Pawleys Island, SC 3-15-19p

Houston, TX 12-22-19   ----- 12-13-19    

Indianapolis, IN (3/21 - 3/29)d

New Orleans, LA 12-23-19d   Vail, CO 12-14-19p    


Leesburg, GA12-24-19d   Indian Hills, CO 12-14-19p    

PBG, FL 4-4/5-19p

Chrismas Day 12-25-19   ------ 12-15-19    

Highland Park, IL 4-9-19d

Naples, FL 12-26-19   Delafield, WI 12-16-19d    

Charlotte, NC (week of 4/9)p

Miami, FL 12-27-19d   Batavia, IL 12-17-19d    

Key Largo, FL (before Easter)d

Charleston, SC 12-28-19   Chicago, IL 12-17-19d    
----- Atlanta, GA 12-29-19   ------ 12-18-19    
Atlanta, GA (week of 4/15)p Charlotte, NC 12-30-19   Rochester, NY 12-19-19d    
Lafayette, LA (by end of April) Washington, DC 12-31-19   New York, NY 12-20-19    

Atlanta, GA (week of 4/23)p

New Years Day 1-1-20   Hartford, CT 12-21-19d    

PBG, FL (week of 4/23)d

New York, NY 1-2-20   Philadelphia, PA 12-22-19d?    

PBG, FL 4-24/25-19ppp

New Canaan, CT 1-3-20   Villanova, PA 12-22-19d    
Livingston, NJ (5/4 - 5/6)d Provincetown, MA 1-4-20   ----- 12-23-19    
New York, NY (5/4 - 5/6)d ----- 1-5-20   Charlotte, NC 12-24-19    

Plainview, NY (5/4 - 5/6)d

Cleveland, OH 1-6-20   Christmas Day 12-25-19    
Norcross, GA (after May 17th)p Chicago, IL 1-7-20   Atlanta, GA 12-26-19    
Indianapolis, IN (before May 29th)d     Charleston, SC 12-27-19    
Asheville, NC (5/26 - 6/3)p     Miami, FL 12-28-19    
New York, NY (by June 4th)     Naples, FL 12-29-19    
Charleston, SC 6-7-19p     ----- 12-30-19    
Greenville, SC 6-7-19d     New Orleans, LA 12-31-19    
Cambridge, MA 6-20-19p     New Years Day 1-1-20    
Memphis, TN (week of 6/24)d     Houston, TX 1-2-20    
Tampa, FL 6-24-19p     Dallas, TX 1-3-20    
Edgartown, MA (after 7/4)d     Tulsa, OK 1-4-20    
Charleston, SC (7/24 - 7/26)p     Kansas City, MO 1-5-20    
Tampa, FL (8/2 or 8/5 - 8/9)d     Denver, CO 1-6-20    
Charleston, SC (8/26 - 8/31)p     Santa Fe, NM 1-7-20    
Tampa, FL (after 9/11)d     Phoenix, AZ 1-8-20    
------     Los Angeles, CA 1-9-20    
Charlotte, NC 10-10-19p     San Francisco, CA 1-10-20    
New York, NY 10-15-19d     Palm Desert, CA 1-11-20    
Charlotte, NC by 10-26-19p          
Houston, TX by 10-31-19d          
Waynesville, NC 12-3-19d          

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